Antique lighting
There are many forms of antique lighting, whether it is a crystal chandelier, an antique brass lantern, or gilt wall lights. They come in many different styles, and if you are looking for antique lighting in London, we are certainly a good place to start.

Antique chandeliers
Antique Chandeliers are perhaps what people first think of when they consider antique lighting. They imagine glittering crystal chandeliers hanging with glass, glowing with multiple shining bulbs. However, there are more modest ways of using antique lighting to transform an interior. For instance, antique wall lights or sconces can be admired at eye level, instantly adorning a wall with something decorative as well as serving their function. They come in a range of period styles and sizes too. Antique wall lights also suit properties of different sizes, from a chic pied à terre to a grand historic manor house.

Antique French chandeliers
Antique French chandeliers often conform to the Louis XIV, XV, XVI and Regence styles. They range from the most opulent of gilt bronze chandeliers with an enormous amount of detail, to the refined neoclassical and restrained style of the French Regence. There are also French style bronze lanterns, the Versailles model perhaps being the most iconic.

Antique lanterns
English Antique lanterns are an incredibly popular choice for a porch, hallway, or stairwell, as they elegantly illuminate an entrance without being too showy. Antique brass lanterns made in England are often 19th century, and are sometimes even converted from coach lanterns to something you can use indoors. Antique lanterns sometimes feature stained or etched glass which throw beautiful patterns of light into a space.

Victorian antique lighting
Victorian antique lighting is wonderful in all its variation; encompassing the styles of the Gothic Revival, the Renaissance Revival and the Arts and Crafts Movement to name but a few. Even antique lighting that was originally gas powered can be converted to electricity, meaning you can enjoy the quality and authenticity of a 19th century light and the convenience of modern and safe fittings. British Antique chandeliers of this period are undoubtedly some of the most sought after, often cast from solid brass or bronze their quality surpasses modern counterparts and will be treasured for centuries to come. Many chandeliers also come with matching antique wall lights, for a perfectly coordinated interior.

When selecting antique chandeliers or any antique lighting, do make sure to measure the height of the ceilings and the size of the rooms to guarantee a perfect fit. We are always happy to offer advice to ensure you select the perfect piece for your project.